Who is David Coleman and Why Should You Care?   Leave a comment

David Coleman has never been a teacher.  And he’s kind of a jerk and a potty mouth.  But this architect of Common Core is now President of the College Board.


He is Michelle Rhee’s treasurer at StudentsFirst.  He openly mocks narrative writing and classic literature.  He thinks literature is inferior to nonfiction (info-texts) and his Common Core does mandate the minimalizing of literature in English classes.

Explaining why he believes students need less literature and less narrative writing practice, he says, “As you grow up in this world you realize people really don’t give a shit about what you feel or what you think.” –Coleman at NY State Department of Education presentation, April 2011

His bizarre ideas go virtually unchallenged.

A lot of English teachers disagree with him quietly.  But he’s the chief architect of the K-12 ELA Common Core national standards and President of the College Board. What can we do?  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/16/education/david-coleman-to-lead-college-board.html

At least, we should be aware of his mind operates; it affects all of us now.

He’s now aligning the K-12 Common Core national standards with college entrance exam standards.

Aligning the ACT and SAT to the CCSS will require lowering college standards.  If the K-12 CCSS were truly college- and career-ready standards, then why would anyone adjust the “standard measures” of college readiness?  http://boston.com/community/blogs/rock_the_schoolhouse/2012/05/the_wrong_lesson_on_national_s.html

So Coleman’s work is now to lower standards for most college students across the nation.  Why?

One of the lies of Common Core is that it raises standards for all.  This doesn’t even make logical sense.  How can everyone be brought to a single standard without holding back the highest achievers and without rushing the struggling achievers?  In reality, Common Core raises standards for students in states who had low standards before, and lowers standards for states who has higher ones before (like Massachusetts).

Stanford Professor Michael Kirst explained that Common Core’s

“standards for college and career readiness are essentially the same. This implies the answer is yes to the question of whether the same standards are appropriate for 4 year universities, 2 year colleges, and technical colleges. The burden of proof for this assertion rests with CCSSO/NGA, and the case is not proven…”       http://collegepuzzle.stanford.edu/?p=466

These Coleman lies need exposure.  The illogical claims need exposure.  Colleges need to speak up and demand the removal of Coleman from the College Board and abolish his plot to create a single, common educational denominator for all.

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