Common Core Creators Expecting –and Getting– Outrage From Parents and Teachers   1 comment

At the national ECS forum this week, David Coleman and Jason Zimba, lead writers of the Common Core, had two words about Common Core implementation for the audience: “Expect outrage.”

Why outrage? Isn’t it one of the main claims of Common Core that this program is very rigorous and beneficial?  Isn’t it improving college readiness?  Isn’t it so marvellous that it’s worth even the sacrifice of our state educational autonomy to adopt it?

Here’s the problem, according to Coleman and Zimba:  Common Core has a “teach less, learn more” motto, but some parents –and teachers– are interpreting it as “teach less, period.”

Education Week reporter Andrew Ujifusa covered the Education Commission of the States (ECS) Forum.  He reported that Zimba and Coleman insist that teaching in depth on certain topics required by the common core will help. The average lesson length in the U.S. is about one day, they said, while in other countries with more successful academic records, the average is 10 days.

Ujifusa continued his report of the conference:

But then Monica Sims, a teaching fellow with Student Achievement Partners who works as a middle school teacher at a Chicago school, said that although fractions are a staple of what students should know in 5th grade, a textbook she had seen sets aside only one-and-a-half week for fractions.

“As a moral issue, I can’t move on. They don’t understand it,” Sims said.

Zimba fended off a question from an audience member about whether the common core had been comprehensively tested in the field…

“They’re not a pill,” he said.

Restoring Oklahoma Public Education educator Jenni White read Ujifusa’s report on the Coleman-Zimba ECS forum, and responded:

   “Had to comment to that giant piece of BS:

The source of the ‘OUTRAGE’ is that any teacher in any school could use EveryDay math to teach these concepts, putting their students light years behind even the light years behind!     The source of the ‘OUTRAGE’ is that between the PARCC tests and the school’s/state’s own testing, there is NO POSSIBLE way that Mrs. Sims isn’t correct in her assessment.  After learning that my child in first grade didn’t know his addition and subtraction math facts before adding two three digit numbers before the end of the year, I asked for a teacher conference.    What with all the testing and the State Standards and Common Core coming on board, my teacher reported, she didn’t have TIME to teach my child to MASTERY!    Oh what comfort is the thought of Common Core State Standards in rectifying the spectacular failure that is now public education.”

White also wrote:  “My first grader can not add 7+7, but by God he knows that rainforests are being destroyed before his eyes.  My 4th grader can not write a coherent, perfectly spelled paragraph, but she understands that American Indians were murdered by non-natives and that Global Warming is a fact.”



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