Teacher Susan Wilcox’s Story   Leave a comment

This comes from a Canyons District Teacher, Susan Wilcox, who gave me permission to publish her name and story here.


“I think we have lost our freedom in many ways in the past week, and I am so weary of trying to keep up with litigated issues in Special Education that I have to stop teaching next year to gain my sanity back.  I am 63 and OH SO TIRED of the unhappy changes.

I am doing school at home and trying to stay as far away from public education as I can.  It means not to have the ONE LAST YEAR of retirement I needed to have some kind of pension, because ALL ALONG I have felt the job in Public Education was impossible.  My attentions have been jerked from the student because of so many other duties heaped on teachers.  Our children have teachers showing up to class with little or no time for preparation, and the district deciding what you’ll say and do every step of the way as though we were uneducated and untrusted… it is hurting our children.

I can’t go back next year…  I have to build business in music teaching from home and started a preschool and hope to add tutoring for special education students in due time, if my energy lasts.  I got to the point I couldn’t remember all the things to do with increased paperwork and would often be found crying in my room trying to get it all done.  I worked part time salary to let my friend have her full time job, but ended up working FULL TIME anyway.

The administrations in our districts are OUT OF CONTROL because the feds are IN CONTROL and we have pretty much lost our system already.

I was told after school was out my job was no longer available due to numbers…

I am ready to help other teachers because their unions are powerless, obviously, because after all the dues and rhetoric, Utah teachers are still the lowest paid and keep getting put on guilt trips when they say “enough”…  I cannot go back another year.

I get SO much more done face to face with students at HOME!!

Teachers DON’T need the interference of district help.  I have wondered for years what it might be like to have them just run their own school and appoint a different “principal” each year, but I think we are too far gone.  Demands from federal laws CREATED this local beaurocracy in the first place and now we are all slave to it.  Paperwork to them, paperwork to parents, paperwork – constantly interrupting what teachers are HIGHLY trained to do – make good lesson plans and follow them.  We are now clerks….for the most part.  Our bodies  are busy keeping district people – not children, not parents – happy.

As you can tell – I have a lot to say.  I have kept quiet like all of them – it is survival.  I joined another union – UTU serves ONLY Utah teachers and does not connect with feds. No dues to NEA.  THey are much better and personable and have sponsored a bill which Senator Osmond is writing and supporting – it is about humanity in the work place, kindness and respecting experienced teachers when they age and need a little more help with updated technology.  I feel Canyons District was super at this, but you still get labelled from people enough that you feel miserable sometimes…       – Susan Wilcox


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