I feel sick to my stomach.

KSL put out the list of the new appointees to the Utah State School Board and included on the list is the wicked witch, Leslie Castle.

District 1: Alan Shakespear and Tami Pyfer

• District 4: Bruce Davis and David Thomas

• District 7: Carlton Getz and Leslie Castle

• District 8: Christopher Williams and Jennifer Johnson

• District 10: David Crandall and Nina Welker

• District 11: Jefferson Moss and Sergio Vasquez

• District 12: Dixie Allen and Wendy Simmerman

• District 13: Ken Parkinson and Mark Openshaw

• District 15: Barbara Corry and Bette Arial

I am not using the term “wicked witch” lightly.  This is the person who pushes the anti-liberty values of Common Core and who literally said in an email to me that she knows equality, not freedom, is the driving force of the U.S. Constitution.

She lied.  She emailed all the board, saying that I had never even been a teacher, so no one should listen to me at all.  This is silly, because why shouldn’t the board listen, even if I was only a concerned parent?  But anyway.  All this was after I’d given her my up-to-date teacher licensing information, and after I had invited her to contact all the principals and university administrators who had ever worked with me and under whom I had taught.

I even had parents of former students write to her. They all defended my truthfulness.

She ignored it all and kept saying her lies to the rest of the school board.

WHY?  Because I was calling the board on their misrepresentation of Common Core!  I wrote a four page rebuttal to their flier (Fact v. fiction about Common Core) and she wanted it all discredited.  (their flier, which is without references)  (my rebuttal with references)

She really tormented me (for questioning the board’s adoption of Common Core). I had to ask for an official reprimand to be given to her, and an unofficial electronic restraining order because she was so mean, dishonest, and attacking.  After I asked for that official reprimand of her treatment of me, she quit attacking me.

Many people wrote to our Governor on my behalf, asking him not to re-appoint her.

I submitted pages of emails exchanged between me and Ms. Castle, to show what kind of character Leslie Castle is.

But Governor Herbert still re-appointed her as a school board candidate.

I do feel sick.  So many other good, good people were candidates for her position.

I wish I understood our Governor.  He must have some reason.


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  1. How can I find out if the candidates in my district (#10 – Dave Crandall and Nina Marie Welker) support Common Core?

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