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There is nothing wrong with caring for our earth; it is a duty we all have.  The problem with environmental education arises when earth-care becomes too obsessive, and begins to intrude on other vital principles, including national sovereignty, human liberty, the right to own property, the right to have as many children as we like, or well-rounded education.

Just ask landowners in Provo who are being removed from their farms by eminent domain law, because the June Sucker fish has become more important than property rights under environmental agendas in Utah.  Orrin Hatch wrote an op-ed about it, too.   and

I read several interesting articles today about the world “godfather of environmentalism,” Maurice Strong, who may likely be elected the next president of the United Nations.

It’s funny that environmentalism and education and property rights are all networked together because they all avoid this question:  What About Individual Freedom? 

You will never see the concept or word” liberty” or “sovereign” or “freedom” in the U.N.’s World Core Curriculum, for example, found on United Nations websites ( )  — and using words that sound so similar to the words used to promote goals of the new U.S. Common Core.  (There are many connections between Common Core and the U.N.; to make this a short post, I will stick with the most obvious and tangible one– financial. )

Everyone knows Bill Gates and other U.N.-supporting groups have thrown oceans of money to promote both environmental education and Common Core in America.

Gates is a big proponent of global education and gives speeches to the United Nations on the subject. He promotes the U.N. “Milennium Development Goals” and sees eye to eye with the U.N. environmental agenda, and he’s pushing it (and his money) on U.S. education.

This is not good, to have one of the richest men on earth paying for and forming education policies with both our U.S. Dept of Education and with the United Nations and promoting and paying for Common Core, which obviously limits local freedom over education.

But this post is not about Bill Gates.  This one is about Maurice Strong, another U.N. loyalist.  I give you Gates just so you see the network of pro-radical-environmentist, pro-forced-and-standardized-education elites.  Please read on:

(,2933,250789,00.html  and  and )

Maurice Strong is an absolute anti-American, so concerned with the environment that he has become anti-liberty.

He doesn’t want any country to have a Constitution: “It is not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states.” He doesn’t want any person to have property or to eat what they want or use air conditioning at all.  “….high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”  These things are against his religion; he belongs to a nature-worshiping religion called Gaia.

Maurice Strong and the U.N.’s radical environmental influence on U.S. policy and textbooks seems to extend to my own children’s schooling, where recycling is not taught one day of the year, but is a repeated theme across topics and school subjects yearlong.  My teenage daughter’s geography textbook quotes the United Nations policies ad nauseum and uses the term “sustainable” or “sustainable development” countless numbers of times.  This concerns me.

I’m going to give you highlights of an article about Maurice Strong, this one by Tom DeWeese, found in full here:

DeWeese writes:

“The assault on world property rights is led by Maurice Strong, the number one force behind UN and US environmental policy… In 1992, Strong told a UN conference…:“It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

…this new term “Sustainable” …[now means] that all of man’s activities on Earth are harmful (and therefore not sustainable)…   man is a cancer on the Earth.  [The environmentalist] goal is to slowly cut back and finally end all development and reduce human habitat to specific areas while the rest of the world is turned into wilderness.

[Gaia, Strong’s religion] is pure nature worship. Maurice Strong is also a director of the Temple of Understanding in New York City, where pagan rituals and earth worship include escorting sheep and cattle to the alter for a blessing. ..

…Today’s environmental agenda has grown way beyond a call for clean air and the recycling of plastic bottles and newspapers. In Maurice Strong’s Gaia-driven world — it’s OK for a beaver to build a dam — but not man. It’s OK for a bear to fish in the lake — but not man. It’s OK for a wolf to eat meat (especially if it’s the farmer’s sheep — but not man. Suffice it to say that no human activity is “Sustainable.”

…Maurice Strong said, “It is not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states, however powerful.” That’s the Constitutional sovereignty of the United States he is talking about…

…Now, it is extremist, radical fringe and politically incorrect to suggest that the United Nations is engaged in a drive for one world government. It is well known — according to our president and the news media — that the UN is only interested in promoting world peace and stability…

But it does cause concern when a man, [Maurice Strong] believes that industrialized society is the most vile, evil structure on earth, is placed in charge of an organization, without general election, and that body is able to reap trillions of dollars of income, answerable to no one, with its own army, its own world bank and treaties signed by every nation on earth giving it control over policy and development.

… Maurice Strong today controls the UN’s Business Council for Sustainable Development. It is a hand picked group of 50 of the world’s most powerful business leaders. Among them: Kenneth Derr of Chevron and William Ruckleshous. Both Derr and Ruchelshous now serve on the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.

That environmental policy calls for turning 50% of every American state into wilderness, it will destroy industry and jobs and take away private property rights. And it will tie American sovereignty directly to United National policies. It has nothing to do with preserving clean air and water.

…The biodiversity treaty and UN Heritage Sites are being implemented on American soil right now. And property owners are already suffering as environmental policies are taking their land and their jobs.

There is only one way to fight back. Only one way to stop Maurice Strong’s Drive for power… Get the United States out of the United Nations.”  -Tom DeWeese

So, what do you think of all that?  You can’t  call it a conspiracy because it’s so openly professed.  It’s an agenda that is freely admitted and pushed, and many U.S. leaders– including Obama, of course– are okay with it.

Just to let you know: Salt Lake City is on board with the U.N.’s environmental policies, too:  a board called ICLEI is here. 

 ICLEI is not elected, but the group has a say over local decisions, and it’s directed by the United Nations.

ICLEI of Salt Lake City:

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  1. philly mayor michael nutter friend of chaka fattah is on the board of iclei too. the deleware valley regional planning commission, supposedly begun to assist with large infrastructure bridges and hiways has become the un a 21 mouthpiece going step by step through the document and invading the suburbs, using the first suburbs group to divert suburban taxes out and into the pockets of city developers in the name of the environment, code for social engineering and redistribution putting stakeholders carefully in place all over the state to advance icle and a21, maurice strong, un, unesco goals, not at all caring for the earth, although the recycling thing is a joke, isn’t it. the first suburbs group is affiliated with building one pennsylvania which is affiliate of bulding one america, the subject of stanley kurtz last book. one of our council members was at the whithouse meeting discussed in the book. he is a third way politician, like our congress woman and others in our local political positions, all on this list
    check for yours. all linned up to iinstall susstaiinable development wwhicch is code for takeover, hostle, qiet takeover. also i am sure you have but read antonio gramsci, explains the fabians and the frankfurt school.
    the third way is code to. same diff.

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