New Publication: Controlling Education From the Top   2 comments

New Publication from Pioneer: Controlling Education From the Top.  So well written and referenced.  Get our educational freedoms back!

2 responses to “New Publication: Controlling Education From the Top

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  1. Dear Governor Herbert,

    I am a parent and grandparent citizen who is against “Common Core”, “No Child Left Behind” and most everything relative to education that is directed from the federal education bureaucracy. I’m most interested in quality, unbiased, non politically-correct education for our children citizens. The DOE has proven themselves unreliable and not to be trusted in helping us work to that end. Leslie Castle appears to have adopted the tactics and strategy so popular with the progressive liberals of distracting, demeaning and vilifying those they can’t get to agree and fall in line with their views and plans. It is also disturbing how little public discussion has taken place relative to “Common Core” and how far the Utah Board of Education has taken it without adequate public input. I would be disappointed to learn that you would reappoint Leslie Castle to the Utah State School Board given her rude and unprofessional actions and pleased to know that those you do appoint are open, objective and not willing to surrender Utah’s education sovereignty to the federal government.

    It truly is time for common sense in this and other matters. Have you seen the documentary’s from John Stossel, “Stupid in America” or “In The Classroom”. Under the DOE & NEA billions of $ spent and policies and practices adopted and no improvement, rather decline in the education of our children. I know the state could do better without federal oversight. The Federal Dept of Education has become a vast bureaucracy feasting on tax dollars and protecting and promoting political objectives while loosing substantial ground in terns of education for our citizens. Please do not allow us to continue in this unacceptable direction.

    Respectfully yours,

    Stuart Curtis

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