Tough luck, Taxpayers: Utah State School Board Votes in “Free” Common Core Preschool Program   Leave a comment

They did it again. The Utah State School Board they passed even more Common Core mandates on to Utahns without running it by parents, legislators, teachers or taxpayers.  This time, they added preschool to the Common Core, and preschool will be “free” (except that it will be expensive and the taxpayers get to pay the bill, without having had a chance to vote on it). 

(It’s “Off With Her Head” to anyone –like me– who voices opposition. This week, a member of the Utah State School Board stooped to spreading  a blatant lie about me to the rest of the board, a lie about me personally, in an effort to make my message less meaningful. She actually said that I was not a teacher at all and that I’d “inflated” my credentials. Why?  No idea.  This is almost hilarious, since I’ve been teaching for almost my whole adult life and I’ve been credentialed and up to date since 1995.  I am not posting her lie letters nor my letter asking for her to be officially reprimanded, because I don’t want to create too much distraction and drama here.  The purpose of this blog is to enlighten people about, and not to distract people from, the wolf in sheep’s clothing that is Common Core.  But realize that some members of our State School Board are that desperate to shut up those who oppose Common Core !) 

 Here’s a link to the audio recording of the State School Board Meetings.  They are updated, so come back if the part you are missing isn’t here right now.

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