Go to your school board meetings and get the FERPA documents they are trying to alter.   Leave a comment

Attend your local school board meetings and DO NOT let your board pass any amendment to FERPA laws. Just say no. It’s your parental authority versus the federal authority over your child’s data that is at stake. If they tell you the feds are forcing them to change FERPA, you tell them to get a spine and say no. There is no legal authority for the feds to tell states or districts what to do where education is concerned, and where parental authority is concerned. Our Wasatch board already did this Thursday night and now we are busting our buns trying to get them to overturn it. They had no authority to give away parental authority. It is ridiculous. If Wasatch refuses to return parental consent authority to FERPA, I’m taking my kids out of school this fall. Kids belong to parents, not to governments.

Posted April 24, 2012 by Christel Swasey in Uncategorized

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