What the National Federation of Republican Women Said About Common Core   Leave a comment

Highlights (paraphrased) from the Resolution by the National Federation of Republican Women (to reject Common Core): 

The “Common Core State Standards” initiative is the centerpiece of the federal agenda to centralize education decisions at the federal level;

The proponents of Common Core have used the same model to take over education as was used for healthcare by using national standards and boards of bureaucrats, whom the public didn’t elect and can’t fire or otherwise hold accountable;

National education standards remove authority from States over what is taught in the classroom and how it is tested;

National education standards undercut the principle that states, not the federal government, make educational decisions under the Constitution;

There is no constitutional or statutory authority for national standards, curricula, or assessments and in fact the federal government is expressly prohibited from endorsing or dictating state/local decisions about curricula; and

The proponents of Common Core are attempting to evade constitutional and statutory prohibitions to move toward a nationalized education system by (1) having the federal government fund more than $345 million to groups that developed national curriculum and test questions, (2) tying national education standards to the Race to the Top charter schools initiative in the amount of $4.35 billion, (3) using the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) to pressure State Boards of Education to adopt national standards with the threat of losing Title 1 Funds if they do not, and (4) requesting Congress to include national ecuation standards as a requirement in the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary School Act (No Child Left Behind);

What to do:

(1) contact State Board of Education members, State Superintendent and Governor to request that our state retain control over academic standards, curriculum, instruction and testing, (2) contact Congress Members and request that they (i) protect the constitutional and statutory prohibitions against the federal government endorsing or dictating national standards, (ii) to refuse to tie national standards to any reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, (iii) defund “Race to the Top” money, and (iv) prohibit any more federal funds for the Common Core Initiative, including funds to assessment and curriculum writing consortia, and (3) spread the word about the federal government takeover attempt of education.




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