Common Core Costs Money; It Doesn’t Grant Money   Leave a comment

Some people are under the impression that we got some benefit from joining Common Core.  We did not.

High standards were already available in public domain.   Educational standards are in the public domain, so we didn’t have to give up our state sovereignty over education for the standards.

We got no money by joining Common Core and SBAC.  Utah did not get “one red cent,” according to Brenda Hales, of the Utah State Office of Education.  You can verify this fact by reading online who received grant monies from their Race to the Top Application for inital funding.  It wasn’t Utah.  (This is a blessing because we don’t have to return any money when we cut ties to Common Core as some other states would have to do.)  And even though Utah is obligated to the terms of the SBAC grant (SBAC is a testing group that Utah joined when we joined Common Core) Utah did not receive any money there, either.  The SBAC used that money granted by the federal government and gave it to WestEd, the test developer.

No Cost Analysis was done by Utah.   Crazy as it sounds, nobody in Utah did a cost analysis before we signed up for Common Core.  Virginia and Texas, two states who declined to join, cited the hundreds of millions or billions it would cost to implement, as one of the reasons they wouldn’t do it.  California  was in the news this week for asking for more tax money to help implement Common Core.  Check out the cost analysis done by the Pioneer Institute:

They can’t withhold educational funding:  Although the USDOE is attempting to force states to choose between No Child Left Behind and Common Core, this is illegal and unconstitutional.  Read G.E.P.A. laws.  Read the 9th and 10th Constitutional Amendments.  Utah can  get genuine congressional relief from both of the federal intrusions on state education if we demand our right to do so.

Posted April 21, 2012 by Christel Swasey in Uncategorized

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