Part II: Deciphering the Cooperative Agreement: One grant writer’s translation…   Leave a comment


Part II:  Translating the document:  The “Cooperative Agreement” says that:

“The objective is to assist the consortium in fulfilling, at minimum, the goals articulated in the consortium’s approved Race to the Top Assessment (RTTA) application, requirements established in the RTTA Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) for New Awards for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 that was published in the Federal Register on April 9, 2010, and any subsequent additions detailed through this agreement. “

So, right there, they said, “It is our goal to enforce our goals which we already told you about in previous documents you signed (hope you kept your copy; we kept ours) and to let you know we’ll add plenty more mandates in this document.”

Later in the document, after saying they’ll be requiring status updates, phone calls, and written reports from us, they say we must also give them our students’ data, on an ongoing basis:

coordinate with the ED staff to fulfill the program requirements established… including, but not limited to working with the Department… to make student-level data that results from the assessment system available on an ongoing basis”

Translation:  You will coordinate testing and standards with us.  You will give the feds your students’ data whenever we like.  

Then they say:  “The Program Officer is responsible for supporting the recipient’s compliance with Federal requirements”

Translation:  The federal government will make sure you comply.  (Remember how the USOE and Arne Duncan kept calling Common Core “voluntary” and “state-led”? Hmm.)

 “The Program Officer will facilitate interaction with other offices of the Department as needed”

Why on earth would we need other Department offices in on this?  Isn’t it enough to have to coordinate data with the other consortium and with the federal arm?  Is there no end to the lack of control and privacy over student data?

Next: “respective Project Directors for RTTA and GSEG AA-AAAS will collaborate to coordinate appropriate tasks and timelines to foster synchronized development of assessment systems supported by these grants. The Program Officer for the RTTA grantees will work with the Project Directors for both RTTA grantees to coordinate and facilitate coordination across consortia.”

Translation:  Utah and her huge consortium, plus Florida and her huge consortium, must act as one.  The almost-national tests will be totally synchronized and centralized, so that the Federal arm can better research and control your educational ideas, your data and you. 

Thus, only a handful of states (Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, etc.) who were smart enough not to join the Common Core movement or who pulled out fast, before becoming too financially and functionally invested to pull out, will have their student privacy intact and their freedom over education intact



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