John Valentine’s 3 Question Litmus Test for Educators   Leave a comment

From John Valentine:

“Like most legislation, [CORE curriculum] stared out with the best of intentions to give teachers and students across the state the best teaching tools available. However…

In weighing any education reform legislation, I use three key questions to serve as a litmus test in determining if it would help or harm our students:


1. Is this something that is moving power away from parents and teachers and toward the government?


2. Will it create larger class sizes or restrict per-student funding?


3. Does it add unnecessary levels of administration and/or arbitrary testing?


“If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” the legislation fails my test and should be either slowed down to remove the harmful aspects in a thoughtful, deliberative manner or it should be scrapped altogether. This is why I voted twice to ask the state board of education to reconsider the adoption of common CORE.”


“I oppose any “No Child Left Behind” style of legislation, which needlessly adds levels of bureaucracy and testing, burdens the learning environment and takes local control away from teachers and parents. I believe common CORE curriculum many contain some of these same burdensome mandates and definitely brings many unanswered questions.”


“Teachers and parents — not the government – know what is best from their students, which is why I oppose top-down control in education that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for teachers and parents to adjust curriculum to better meet students’ needs. Parents should not be forced to lobby the state legislature in order to customize what is taught in their child’s classroom.”


Amen, Mr. Valentine!

Posted April 18, 2012 by Christel Swasey in Uncategorized

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