Please Sign The Petition To Save Utah From Loss of Voice in Education   Leave a comment

 There’s a petition that I just signed yesterday.  It’s here:
Here’s a list of links to explain why I signed the petition:   (my blog  –and may I just say, for those who like the new Common Core, that all those ideas are in public domain.  Utah can adopt any great standards we want to, including keeping the Common Core standards if we so choose. No one is arguing against raising standards.  We are arguing against the loss of voice to a consortium of states, a loss of control via documents that bind us to federal intrusions and expenses –all of which come on the party platter of adopting Common Core)  (a free-thinking and constitutionally sound Utah blogger)  (news article about why other states are opting out of CCI too)  (expert testimony examines Common Core’s impact on a state)  (examines the standards themselves)  (cost analysis –done independently since the state and the feds didn’t do one)

Posted April 10, 2012 by Christel Swasey in Uncategorized

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