Get Utah Out of Common Core: Utahns Cite Low Standards, No Cost Analysis and Lost Local Control   Leave a comment

How Common Core affects kids, teachers, and Utah’s budget

Why some Utah teachers and parents question Utah’s adoption of Common Core and the SBAC tests


  • No cost analysis was done before Utah adopted Common Core.
  • No public or legislative input has been used to consider Common Core.
  • The Federal Government, not states, have control of educational testing under Common Core.
  • No local control of educational standards will happen under Common Core.
  • No amendment process exists to disagree with or alter the Common Core.
  • Common Core lowers standards in significant ways.
  • Other states are have opted out of Common Core for smart reasons.
  • No law states that the Federal Government can withhold educational funding from states if they refuse to adopt Common Core.
  •  Common Core gives Utah nothing that we didn’t already have.   
  •  The PTA accepted a 2 million dollar donation to advocate for Common Core and have done so without looking at all the repercussions of Utah’s joining.
  • There is a lack of transparency about Common Core’s adoption by the State School Board

For additional information about these points, read the following posts:

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2.    The Cooperative Agreement Arne Duncan Authored That Proves the Initiative Illegal

3.     Evidence of Federal Intrusion



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