Why are other states trying to get out of Common Core, too? How is it to be done?   1 comment

Texas refused to join the Common Core Initiative.  Texas math standards were higher than CCSS anyway.

Virginia refused to join Common Core.  Virginia liked their Sequences of Learning program and didn’t want to foot the bill for a big, unnecessary change.

Alaska didn’t join.

Nebraska didn’t join.

Other states came in, but halfway.

South Carolina joined but regretted it, and withdrew.

Alabama women’s groups are fighting to cut Alabama free.

Will enough Utahns see the light and push Utah to withdraw as well?

Maybe.  Let’s look at what other free thinking states have done.


Governor Nikki Haley wrote a letter of support for Senator Mike Fair’s bill, S. 604 that would block the common core state standards from being implemented.

Dear Senator Fair

South Carolina’s educational system has at times faced challenges of equity, quality and leadership – challenges that cannot be solved by increasing our dependence on federal dollars and the mandates that come with them. Just as we should not relinquish control of education to the Federal government, neither should we cede it to the consensus of other states. Confirming my commitment to finding South Carolina solutions to South Carolina challenges, I am pleased to support your efforts to reverse the 2010 decision to adopt common core standards.

While I understand and agree with looking outside South Carolina for ideas to improve educational outcomes, I firmly believe that our government and our people should retain as much local control over programs as possible. The solution to many of South Carolina’s educational challenges will be found by sending more of our limited resources to the classroom and offering educational choices to meet the needs of South Carolina’s students. Our children deserve swift action and the passage of a clean resolution that will allow our State to reclaim control of and responsibility for educating South Carolinians.

Thank you for the important work you have done on this issue; please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Governor Nikki Haley




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One response to “Why are other states trying to get out of Common Core, too? How is it to be done?

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  1. Contrary to the statement above, SC has not withdrawn at this point–November 2013. Senator Wes Hayes has indicated that the issue will be taken up during the 2014 session, but there is no guarantee that Senator Larry Grooms’ Senate bill S300 to repeal CC will be successful. The massive funding for CC is a key factor in the decision. The SCPIE is undertaking a campaign to get our legislators to vote for Senator Grooms’ bill. A companion bill in the House is needed.

    At this point SC will complete fully implementing CC at all grade levels in the 2014-2015 school year.

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