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I just saw this today in an email and wanted to share the fact that there are alternatives to common core aligned curricula.


Official Policy of FPE Curriculum on Common Core

In mid-March of 2013, FreedomProject Education was made aware that many homeschool publishers planned to adapt their textbooks to align with Common Core mandates, those national standards developed by Washington D.C. insiders, lobby- ists, and liberal special interest groups, all subsidized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Upon learning that some of the textbooks currently used in FPE classes were slated for Common Core adaptation, FPE immediately reiterated our staunch commitment to removing any textbook from our curriculum that migrated to Common Core standards. We began an extensive review of our booklists and contacted many publishers and presses directly to ascertain first-hand their posi- tion and plans vis a vis Common Core. FPE also inaugurated a series of free and public Webcasts designed to explain and expose the insidious governmental power grab that is Common Core.

Among the things we discovered in researching our booklists is that a number of our current publishers do indeed plan to adapt their textbooks to Common Core requirements. In many cases this adaptation is in the works for future editions and has yet to manifest itself in the textbooks we currently use. In other instances, certain textbooks have already included elements in preparation for the coming move to Common Core. Further complicating the issue, some of our publishers have been designated by government agencies asCommon Core compliant” without—they claim—having asked for that designation or having taken any steps to adapt their curriculum to Common Core Standards. Our research has found a good deal of dishonesty in these claims, with representatives telling us there will be no incorporation of Common Core, while their very websites tout compliance. These are the realities as we currently find them since our investigation com- mencing in Mid-March 2013.

FPE decided on booklists for the upcoming 2013-2014 academic year in October of 2012, and those lists went out to faculty, current FPE families, and prospective students in early March 2013, two weeks before we learned that some homeschool publishers were adapting to Common Core standards. Given that 1) most of our current textbooks have yet to be altered to reflect specific Common Core guidelines; 2) that we have mailed out hundreds of program guides and distributed thou- sands of fliers listing as required the textbook list established in October 2012; 3) that many current FPE students, as well as new-enrollees for 2013-2014, have already purchased books based on the October 2012 list and will not easily be able to return them; and 4) that many of our teachers need time to adapt their courses to new textbooks that are free of any taint of Common Core ideology; we feel it is in the best interest of all concerned to proceed in the 2013-2014 academic year with the booklists established in October 2012.

Keeping the current roster of books will allow us to avoid the considerable confusion and expense that would occur if we made immediate and precipitous changes. It will also allow FPE to be careful and judicious in selecting alternative Common Core free textbooks for the 2014-2015 academic year. Further, the extra year will allow teachers to both monitor current books for Common Core problems and begin the process of transitioning from current texts to new ones in a methodical and pedagogically sound way. We plan to make each and every FPE teacher aware of any perceived Common Core bias in our current textbooks, to assist them in circumventing these standards, and to encourage them to bring to our attention any instances of infiltration they discover on their own.

We at FPE remain adamantly opposed to the implementation of Common Core in public schools, and under no circum- stances will we tolerate Common Core in our own classrooms moving forward. As we work through the upcoming 2013- 2014 school year, we encourage FPE faculty, families, and students to share with us their opinions about current textbooks and partner with us in being vigilant in opposing all such examples of gross government overreach. We also intend to host a new series of Webcasts in May 2013 that address FPE’s specific plans to counter Common Core and provide an online, homeschool education for America’s children that is free of spin, indoctrination, and cynical government manipulation.


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FreedomProject Education

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7 responses to “Freedom Project Education

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  1. Thank you! I will be sharing this.


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  4. Where can I see the list of curriculum publishers (homeschool) who are adapting to common core?

  5. Do you know that Catholic schools around the country are adopting Common Core?
    Even as parents complain about CC in Catholic schools, it seems to be approved— from the powers that be.
    Where is this approval coming from?

  6. I hope this review reaches parents before they enroll in this online school.

    At the end of last school year (2013-2014) My wife and I reached our limit with the disaster that is our local public school. We pulled them out before the end of the year for multiple reasons. Our kids are 11 & 12.

    We spent the summer researching alternative schooling options and after talking with several people at Freedom Project Education we decided it was the right option for our children. WHAT A MISTAKE WE MADE!

    First, we were given the impression homework would be typical of what public schools were giving now. This is completely incorrect. We spent many nights with our children until 11pm or midnight trying to keep up with the insane amount of homework we were given. We talked to the administrators and (basically) were told “that’s the curriculum”. We started dropping classes just to try and give our kids an ounce of reprieve. We finally pulled them 7 weeks into the program.

    Also, don’t be lured into the “Fridays are free” concept. Fridays are most certainly NOT free. They will be doing homework, not 4 or 5 hours worth but 8-10+, easy. Also, your weekends will be filled with homework as well. Within 3 weeks my kids were crying, snapping and begging to go back to public school. Also, pay attention to the “Non Common Core” they claim. While they don’t use Common Core materials, they DO subscribe to the Common Core mentality, that there are no deviations from the curriculum and teachers have no authority to help kids in any other way than “their way”. (Just to give you a little incite to my background, my wife and I own a company that consults political candidates on many issues, PARTICULARLY COMMON CORE. Working with several Governors, Senators and Legislators. We understand Common Core VERY WELL.) In the 2 months our kids attended Freedom Project Education, we saw MULTIPLE teachers fired, our assumption is they strayed from the methods Freedom Project Education put forth (The ones we worked with, did for our kids).

    So, are we the only ones encountering this? No. There WAS a parent forum on the Freedom Project Education website where we found dozens and dozens of parents that were having the same problems we were. All the same complaints and then some. From the amount of homework to doing the same homework more than once, to the upload process not working and so on. What did Freedom Project Education do with these complaints? The removed the forum! (Luckily my wife nabbed some screen shots before they were removed!)

    We have made complaints to HSLDA (if you’re not a member here JOIN, they are excellent!) as well as several other places. We are also writing reviews everywhere we can to warn parents of this school.

    I never do this, BUT, we so desperately want to help parents avoid this pitfall we are willing to take calls and emails if you have any questions. My name is Travis Filing and my wife Shannon are willing to talk to you. (Although this review sounds angry, I assure you we really are nice people… at least Shannon is [:)] Our phone number is (402) 788-2896 – Shannon is Extension 102 and I am Extension 104. This is our business number, if we are unavailable leave a message and we will call you back. If you are shy about calling, email us at or

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